virtual care lab gatherings are community-led, public activities that can take the form of a workshop, focused discussion, collective performance, or other format. They are held in an interactive online setting and encourage active group participation. 

Lab Hour is our main gathering practice, held weekly in our Discord channel. You can find other upcoming gatherings on our community calendar, and you’re welcome to join in any of them! ︎ You can also lead your own gathering – propose new ideas here.

Lab Hour

Sundays @ 2 PM PDT | virtual care lab community
Lab Hour is a weekly time for collective imagining. Each Sunday, our 'Lab Hour' Discord channel is open for folks to meet each other, ask questions, exchange perspectives, and discuss ideas in real time. Have a specific topic on your mind? Email us at virtualcarelab [at]

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Field Trips

Saturdays @ 12 PM PDT, 2020-2021 | Hosted by Kenny Zhao
We’re all spending more time online than ever. But what does effective, healthy, and regenerative gathering actually look and feel like? The [FIELD TRIPS] group explores this question through weekly visits to virtual communities across the internet. ︎ More Info

Growing Teeth: Research Group

Fall/Winter 2021 | Hosted by Nina Sarnelle and Sara Drake
The US society does not provide adequate support for the elderly. How might we collectivize around meaningful mutual aid? How might we form a community for our future(s) with aging in mind, based on shared values and critical, creative engagement? Together, we will gather resources and host conversations around alternative ways of planning for old age with a focus on cooperative structures.  ︎ More Info 


Fall/Winter 2021 | Hosted by Sophie Reiff
Homeroom is a virtual space for people who do community organizing work, or who are interested in community organizing work, to gather and discuss how their organizing work intersects with notions of personal and collective ethics, somatics, and longform histories of movement building. ︎ More Info 

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