We’re all spending more time online than ever. But what does effective, healthy, and regenerative gathering actually look and feel like?

Through [field trips], we explore virtual communities together in hopes of identifying the things we like and bringing them to our own personal spaces.


Each Saturday, we’ll meet on the Virtual Care Lab discord and visit a specific community, discussing questions like...

What makes the community tick?

What keeps it active?

What kinds of goals do its participants have?

What does “showing up” look like in this virtual space, and how can it be nourishing and/or draining to different people?


[field trips] is also an experiment in what Adrienne Maree Brown calls collaborative ideation.

As we travel together, how do we want the group to evolve? In gathering ourselves, how can we acknowledge our differences and adjust the group dynamic to celebrate them?

To join, simply introduce yourself on our Discord channel.

About the host: Kenny Zhao is a musician and artist based in LA, with particular interest in the intersections of music, tech, self-care, and community. He produces and performs under Zhao, and maintains a live-streamed music production diary called “Office Hours” on YouTube. General Meeting Structure Meetings take place on the Virtual Care Lab Discord, same time each week. Following introductions, we will explore and discuss a specific online community. Participants are encouraged to check out the community beforehand and take notes (link will be posted in advance on the Discord), but are not required.