virtual care lab is a series of creative experiments in remote connection. 

We create welcoming, innovative opportunities for joy, empathy, creativity and invention; and we aim to support mutual aid actions and other forms of community care. Our projects have included many unconventional virtual gatherings, focused discussions, collective performances, creative activities, and collaborative online spaces. Projects can be proposed by anyone, and are developed with community members of virtual care lab. (Propose an idea here.)

virtual care lab envisions an accessible, autonomous, empathetic place where creative work is a form of civic engagement. In context of physical distancing, and where surveilled and monetized interactions shape our digital lives, we create opportunities for genuine presence, purposeful online/offline connection and collaboration, and digital well-being. 

Ultimately, we hope to affirm creative expression as a necessary language contributing to a more equitable world, and to make this language and practice available, familiar, and welcoming to our communities. 

virtual care lab is organized by Sara Suárez and Alice Yuan Zhang in partnership with NAVEL, a non-profit cultural organization and community space in Los Angeles.