s i t e s   o f   p a s s a g e

The space above is designated for your own participation. Turn on your webcam to use as a mirror. Video is not  recorded or shared. 



We are collecting additional materials and interviews from the artists to document the performance and our experiences.

Directed by Lucy Kerr 

Performers: Elyse Desmond, Jessica Hemingway, Kristen DeLillo, Chenhui Mao, Vanessa Holyoak, Laura Bartczak, Julienne Mackey, Bailey Small, Taylor Unwin, Cha Tori, Brin Gordon, and Minsu Kang

The performance above happened here on May 30, 2020. 

In Sites of Passage, a remote online performance, performers exchange recollections of their domestic spaces and experiences and explore their connections through movement. Domestic space becomes a vessel for a shared journey and for bodily empathy – and a diary of the strangely shifting times of physical distancing.

This is a durational performance: you are invited to arrive and leave at your own time. You can simply observe, or you can participate from home by following the score for audience (linked above) before viewing.

Lucy Kerr is an artist working through performance, film, video, and installation. She holds an MFA from the Film/Video and Art Schools at California Institute of the Arts. She has received commissions from LA Dance Project, Mono No Aware, and the Center for Performance Research. Her projects have been presented by The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, La Mama, The Brooklyn Museum, REDCAT, Anthology Film Archives, The Chimney NYC, and others.